Sister School - Nanjing Huo Wa Xiang Primary School, China

On the Establishment of a Sister School Relationship between Nanjing Huo Wa Xiang Primary School and Tyabb Railway Station Primary School.


It was a privilege for the staff, students and community members of Tyabb Railway Station Primary School, to welcome their visitors from their sister school, Nanjing Huo Wa Xiang Primary School China, for a cultural and educational visit during July 2011.


We especially enjoyed participating in presentations of their country China, the City of Nanjing and in particular, viewing the programs and photographs of their school.


Like Nanjing Huo Wa Xiang Primary School, Tyabb Railway Station Primary School is a unique school, offering an outstanding, differentiated learning and teaching program. This ensures a happy, engaging and stimulating learning environment.


The visit to our school has further developed the close communication ties we have already begun to develop, and our school community hopes that these ties will be in place for decades to come!

From our memorandum of understanding:
- The two schools agreed to be sister schools.
- The two schools will keep in touch in different ways, such as via the internet and letter writing, so that there will be open communication.
- The two schools will attempt to send representatives from their schools to learn about their cultures and educational systems.